Not-Two Is Peace

Not-Two Is Peace, p. 99

C + T = P:
Formula For World Peace

It is a matter of the greatest present-time urgency that the prevailing global mood of political separatism, end-game competitiveness, and endlessly multiplied divisiveness be immediately and thoroughly and universally and permanently relinquished—such that the entire world-population of humankind becomes universally intelligent with the heart-positive mind of cooperation and tolerance.


The only way to solve the current world-situation is for everyone to “lose face”—instead of everyone demanding to “save face”.

All of humankind should, as a formalized collective, “lose face” together—by acknowledging that, unless human beings live in formally established and formally maintained cooperation and tolerance, they, inevitably, sink into grossly and universally destructive behavior.

Only by everyone “losing face” together will the collective of human beings be able to regenerate the moral strength and authority that is necessary if human beings everywhere are to require cooperation and tolerance of each other—and only when there is first such a regeneration of universally equalized moral strength and authority will there be a universal agreement to create and maintain a truly cooperative and tolerant global human community.


Human beings must accept, with humility, that their rightful position (and that of every one) in the naturally indivisible world-family of Earthkind (including humankind) is not the “ego-place” of prior dis-unity (and, thus, of separateness, separativeness, domination, and control), but the “heart-place” of prior unity (and, thus, of ego-transcending cooperation and tolerance).

It is not the search for peace (for all seeking is, necessarily, based on prior, or presumed, separation from what is being sought), but the active affirmation and enactment of peace (or the presumption of prior, or always already present, unity and non-conflict—as a condition to be always affirmed, depended upon, enacted, and preserved) that is the true and only means for the realization of peace.

Thus, in practical terms, it is only on the active foundation of ego-transcending cooperation and tolerance that it is possible for peace (or right life) to be established among living beings of any form or kind.

Indeed, this Call to Right Life and Peace is a great and absolute moral Law, which I have Epitomized in the Formula C + T = P, or “Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace”.

It is absolutely essential that the universal collective of humankind formally embrace and really enact this universal moral disposition.


“Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace” is the Great Alternative to the egoic path of inevitable universal destruction—and, therefore, that moral Law must become a universally accepted (and expected) moral and practical “self”-discipline.

Through the universal application of this great moral Law, the gathering of the Earth-wandering peoples of the world can feel their real strength and prior unity (or inherent connectedness to one another)—and their collective power to transform the “usual” (or “real”) politics of egoity, and so actually create and maintain human peace in the natural world.

Everyone should become positively disposed to the establishment of a real and true global cooperative human community—because that global cooperative human community is not merely a “utopian ideal”, but a practical and actually realizable necessity for the physical survival and the natural well-being of humankind and even all of Earthkind.


The Formula for World Peace must be embraced as the necessary politics of the future.

Cooperation and tolerance is the necessary and exact “price” for peace—the “treaty cost” for the survival of humankind, Earthkind, and Earth itself.

This is the necessary “new paradigm” for the human design of future effort.